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Sexy Pitch

  • How to [overcome struggle], and [get vision of success 1], [vision of success 2], and [vision of success 3] in [time]

  •  A [type of offer] to [get vision of success 1] and [vision of success 2] without [struggle]

  • The easiest way for [ICA’s] to [overcome struggle] and [get vision of success] TODAY

✓ Benefit

✓ xxx

✓ xxx

  • For ACB: Grow your audience | become known as an expert | write captions in 15min or less

  • For MMM: get clear on your message | confidently talk about your offer | convert strangers into paying clients

  • For SPM: quickly whip up a great sales page | convert strangers into clients | get paid in your sleep 

Je me catapulte



  • You know you should [key problem / struggle], there’s only one problem: you [roadblock 1] and [roadblock 2].

  •  If you ever feel like [what are they feeling] because [key problem] it’s time to [suggested action]. 


  • For ACB: “You know you should post to social media every single day, there’s only one problem: you don’t know what to say and writing a caption takes you forever.”

  • For MMM: “If you ever feel like “people just don’t get it” when you talk about what you do or why your work is so interesting, amazing, and valuable - you’re probably right. They don’t. And it’s not their responsibility to “get it”, it’s *your* responsibility to communicate your work in a way that lights people’s soul on fire. 

  • For SPM: It doesn’t matter how good your sales skills are, if your sales page is confusing, even the most determined buyer might change their mind #goodbyesales

Storytelling for Context 

What is the CONTEXT of your offer? What’s the situation when having your offer matters the most to your dream clients, what’s happening and how are they feeling? Diving deeper into this is particularly important if it isn’t instantly clear where/how this offer applies to your dream clients’ life.




  • For SPM: Maybe you’re mid launch and sales have been slow. Saddened you go to check your stats on Instagram and see: 29 people clicked your link in the last 7 days - only ONE person bought. 💔People are obviously interested, but something is holding them back from making the purchase. Defeated, you close the app and ask yourself “what the hell is going on?!”
    The answer: you’re doing a great job creating interest and desire for your offer. But the place where people end up after clicking the link is stopping them from hurling their credit card at you. Maybe it’s only a checkout page and there are still too many questions left unanswered for people to make a buying decision.Or maybe you do have a sales page but instead of creating confidence it actually creates doubt and prompts even the most confident buyer to put their credit card back into their wallet. Either way, your  



  • With [offer name] you’ll [get vision of success 1] and never feel like [struggle] ever again!

  •  [offer name] is the easiest way to go from [struggle] to [vision of success] in [time]

  • For ACB: With ACB you can create a month’s worth of highly engaging instagram content in one afternoon (→ focused on the time saving aspect)

  • For MMM: With the Money Message Method you’ll know exactly how to talk about your work so people get it - even your grandma, lol

  • For SPM: Sales Page Magic is the quickest, easiest way to create a sales page that boosts conversions: 

Tableau colonnes gauche / droite

PROMPTS LEFT SIDE (these are just ideas! You can expand the list endlessly!)

  • … feeling [negative emotion 1+ 2] in the morning because [struggle 1 + 2] 

  • … [struggling/waiting/hoping] for [vision of success] but [vision of failure]

  • … always feeling [negative emotion] because [struggle] and worrying about [consequence of inaction] 



  • … waking up in the morning [positive emotion 1+ 2] because [vision of success 1 + 2] 

  • … [positive action] and achieve [vision of success] in [time]

  • … never [negative emotion] ever again and when [problem happens] you’ll [know/feel/have] to [vision of success]



Description + Big Picture Mcok up


Your [positive adjective, eg simple, proven, tried and tested, etc…] [descriptor, eg. method / blueprint / yearly membership…] to [transformation], [bonus 1 + benefit of bonus], and [bonus 2 + benefit of bonus]

  • For ACB: Introducing, Addictive Caption Blueprint, my proprietary formula to writing highly engaging social media posts, fill-in-the-blank caption templates, 87 attention grabbing headlines, 23 CTAs that actually work, and so much more....


  • For MMM: My proprietary method for creating clear and magnetic offer messaging, real life examples, and ‘message with me workshops’

  • For SPM: Introducing, Sales Page Magic, a simple plug-n-play template for creating high converting sales pages FAST. Including writing prompts for every section, a breakdown of best practices to maximize conversions, and a masterclass on how to go from plain ol’ Google Doc to beautifully designed, finished sales page



  • The only thing standing between you and [desire] is [what’s missing - this should be your offer])

  • Here is your X-step plan to [ditch struggle] and get [vision of success] 

  • This is where you want to highlight the big gap between current situation and desired situation and show how your offer is the bridge that gets people to where they want to go. When you can quickly explain how you’re getting your clients through the scary transformation and how you assure success it looks a lot less scary to your clients and they have more trust and confidence to actually succeed 

  • Part 2

  • [Module Name] to [key benefit]

  • For ACB: Module 1 - Addictive Caption Formulas
    Description: Know that sneaky feeling that creeps up when you're scrolling through Instagram and everyone's captions seem to be more witty, fun, and personal than yours? Yeah, it's called content envy. But with the secret formulas inside this module, you'll never second guess your posts ever again. I'm going to share with you my proprietary formulas FOR EVERYTHING. Headlines? CTAs? Post structure? Consider them done.



  • Once you [implement/see/have mastered] the [benefits/tools/resources etc] of [Offer Name] these are the kinds of results you can expect/you’re going to see

  • For ACB: With ACB you can expect to grow your audience and engagement and once you do, these are the results you’re going to get 

  • For SPM: Once you implement the high converting structure from Sales Page Magic, these are the kind of result you’re going to get…



  • The [Offer name] process is the key/secret/shortcut/fast pass to ditch [struggle] for good and help you [key desire] that has you [vision of success] [time]

QUALIFIER (Is this you?) 



  • Ideal client qualifier (current situations mapped out)

  • Ideal client qualifier (current situations mapped out)

  • Ideal client qualifier (current situations mapped out)

  • Ideal client qualifier (current situations mapped out)



→ Sales Page Magic process is the secret sauce that will help you ditch writer’s block for good and help you craft a money makin’, cash generating sales page that gets you paid while you eat, sleep, play, or downward dog  

  • For SPM: Is this you?

    • Do you sit down to “finally” write the sales page you’ve been meaning to write for months, just to stare at a blank screen and the blinking cursor of death?

    • Are you wrecking your brain for hours, weeks, months trying to find engaging, fun, cool ways to describe what you sell but everything that comes out reads like 4 year old McDonalds fries: Dry, hard, flavorless, and boring…?

    • Are people clicking your links, visiting your pages, but NOT buying what you sell because… well… you don’t have a *GOOD* sales page?

    • Would you LOVE to just go about your day and while you head to your yoga class or pick up your favorite Chipotle Burrito bowl with extra guac and feel your heart skip every time your phone goes *buzzzz* because it’s another payment notification?

→ Sales Page Magic process is the secret sauce that will help you ditch writer’s block for good and help you craft a money makin’, cash generating sales page that gets you paid while you eat, sleep, play, or downward dog  







  • List the key components/offer modules

  • List all the bonuses (sexy titles + the resale value)

  • Total value / real price

  • Payment Plan Options

This section’s goal is to recap EVERYTHING they’re gonna get + the bonuses + state the price and payment plan options on ONE GLANCE. People are incredibly short of memory so it’s a necessity to have a summary and this is also where you usually send people when they click “I want this” (using an anchor) and before they go to the checkout page 

DIFFERENTIATOR (How is this different?) 

This section allows you to highlight the core benefits of your offer and remove objections. List the 3-5 most important differentiators and highlight how they SERVE your dream clients and make their experience even better



  • For SPM:How is Sales Page Magic from other sales page courses

    • It’s not a course, it’s a plug-n’-play template with video instructions
      You don’t want to spend hours learning about sales pages, you want to write a sales page that converts so you can use it for your business, sign more clients, sell more offers, make more money

    • Goodbye overwhelm + writer’s block
      I’m not paralyzing you by offering you 400 gazillion different options that leave you confused and overwhelmed. You get the template, you get tutorials, you get fill-in-the-blank writing prompts and 2hrs of training broken down into snackable video lessons to master each section (feel free to skip whatever you feel confident about)



Instruction: This is the last chance to nudge people off the fence. And the truth is, whoever reads until here *is* already in, they’re just scared to take the plunge. They need you to coach them through their fear and empower them to make a decision. And the way to do this is through CONTEXT. What is the context in which they make their decision. Which options do they have and what are the consequences of these options. This is not to be written from a convincing, shaming energy, but what would you say to your friend (or kids - works the same) if you laid out the options so they can make an empowered choice.
What happens if they leap? What happens if they pass? 


Example from SPM: LAST QUESTION:

How many sales do you think you’re missing out on every day because you don’t have a sales page or your current one isn’t converting? 


If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way all the way down here, then you know your sales page needs an update. Clients are looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching the internet, credit card in hand (or at least stored in their phones).


The question is: are you putting yourself and your offers out there in a way that makes it easy for people to say “hell yes” to paying you? Are you answering their questions and giving them the confidence needed to buy from you? 


Or are you accidentally deterring even the most confident buyer with a confusing sales page that creates more questions than it answers? 


Inside Sales Page Magic I will show you how to create a sales page that turns all the “maybe’s” into a “HELL FREAKIN’ YES! Here’s my money”. Whether you’re running ads or selling organically on Instagram, your sales page will help you sign more clients and make more money without you working any harder or getting on another unpaid sales call (unless you want to).


Are you ready to get so many payment notifications that people will be asking you why your phone doesn’t stop vibrating - ever? 

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